West Fork

capital city of Gillandia:

Population 40k-50k (but can spike as high as 80k+ in the summer during war times).

City is really three in one, with one being the real city located on the west side of a fork in the river (which will be changing once the huge dock project is done ,, see dwarf).

The ‘fort’ which is a sizable fort/camp on the east side, mostly used to house the solders going to the fights.
Home of the University at West Fork
Home of “the blue water river consul”
Home of Bards house (a rundown warehouse that local homeless have squatted and have yet to be removed (mostly out of fear of retribution)
Home of “Ma’s”. A local ‘no thrills’ eating place. The food is cheap but good and fast, don’t expect ANY service.

West Fork

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