University at West Fork

The great repository of almost everything known to human.

Records of land purchase and rights, documents of births/deaths and census’s. fictional writing, history records and science tombs, copies of charters and laws from all countries past and present. You name it, if it was ever written down, there’s a copy of it here.

There are quite a few scholars here that instruct folks willing to pay to be taught. There are also many ‘students’ that run around helping do ‘research’. Plus the University has its own guards and other support personal that serve in a logistical manner. It’s almost a city unto its self.

For a fee the university will allow folks to do research and use ‘students’ to help them. Mostly those that use this service are looking up archival things. Also for a much larger fee (mostly used only by the wealthy) the ‘deans’ themselves will hold audience and answer questions great and trivial. This happens only one day a week and it’s been known to be quite a sight that a lot of folks show up to see.

University at West Fork

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