the good, the bad, and the magic

This is perhaps the “test of heart and mind” talked about in the Wondered prize poem.

The Goddess that called herself Fate brings this up to the Party as possible outcomes of the choice as to weather restore magic to the known world, or not.

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Why is the party doing these things ?? and what happened to magic years ago ..

1) Magic is no longer working for the humans, because nearly 8 years ago ( by this time ) the conference of wizards couldn’t make up their mind as to weather the magic artifact really did or didn’t not exists. If the party can create a magic artifact, then that would end that debate, and magic could be restored ( or at least thats how Fate see’s it ). The instructions of how to go about doing that is indeed, the Wondered prize poem
2) The reason why there is debate of a magic artifact existing is, that a bit over 2000 years ago, the magic artifact was used to destroy the artifact of War ( destroying both btw ). the magic artifact thoo had bound/imbued/attuned it’s self to it’s wielder , and when he was resurrected ( by the goddess of peace btw which Fate didn’t tell party ), bit’s of that artifact where resurrected with him, making him a living,breathing artifact.
3) The party finds out this ‘living artifact’ is now the person they know of as Alyshia ( to which Jay goes … WHAAAAAAA ? )
4) They find out this person ( who used to be called Tandem ) is the guy that claims to be her lover in the diary page

While this is all fine and dandy, there are good and bad points to either the return of magic, or letting the world not have magic. as Fate mentions , althoo the person that wrote about her called her a lying succubus, so .. ya never know …

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    what may happen if the party decides there should be no magic ?
    1) the ‘war’ in Uninine continues and hundred of people may die in battle that way. but also the Country of Dodaring will probably take over and make it a more stable and stronger/healthy country in the long run. ( Fate claims this is all blood on the Party’s hands as they are the cause of that conflict to begin with )
    2) The human / dwarf bond will most certainly grow, as the humans will depend on the dwarf work force to help build ( instead of using magic )
    3) Elf’s ??. Fate claims that magic is in ‘disharmony’ with the elves. so much so that it causes them great pain when they are near other races .. this is why they go mad/berserk. with the absence of magic, elfs no longer suffer this, and it quite possible in a few generations there may be some kinds of positive contact.
    4) the unlawful brothers remain in control of Dodaring ( good or bad depending on what Corizone becomes )
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    What happens if magic does return.
    1) the the mage’s will most certainly try to " make people pay ". beginning with the former ’ hunters ( most of whom deserve to be punished anyway for their crimes ). but the fear that if Corazone gains power in Dodaring, she MAY go a bit to far, looms on the minds of the party.
    2) War with Elf’s .. which everyone had been used to anyway, and magic may be needed to help stave this off.
    3) a breakdown in operations with the dwarf’s, as humans will now have magic to do the work.
    4) the conflict with Unnine will certainly be a short one, saving the lives of hundreds, plus resting blame for the party being to blame for that.
    5) Alyshia/Tandem would probably have to be destroyed to make way for the magic artifact ( Something fate would like because, well… she’s kinda fond of him/her .. um .. well ya know )

the good, the bad, and the magic

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