sheet of paper

Found in the Rosewhite family files in the University at West Fork.

It was written in some strange language near seen before and took a few day to decipher.

At last, maybe once and for all I may have gotten rid of that annoying succubus that has plagued my life these last years. But at what cost ? The life of.. of Azure, whom if it were not for her duties, I could have almost bared to call a friend, out of pure respect mind you. Ah Azure, may the descendants of all your kind know of your vigilance, and sacrifice you made throughout all your life.

You Azure. You perhaps above all, were most loyal to Aura’s call to arms, and like many others were willing to give their life to defend your sacred lands. Only now I know why, and only too late. Why are the gods so cruel to your kind? That they would seek to have what they are not, so they can be. The need for your spirit, or ‘shine’ as Aura terms it, and twist it into some physical form so they may have their precious artifacts. From which only now I see is why they are gods. What your kind must have endured at the hands of the gods, even I can not fathom yet.

But was it worth your life Azure, so that some poisoned harpy who claims to be a god can finally attain what she thinks she is worth, then snub her cute little nose at other lesser gods. Had I only been able to figure this out, or resist Fates charm many years ago, It would have never came to this. Was Fates hand in this all along? I will not believe it. I can not believe such a lying temptress and her accusations that she can cause fate to happen is responsible. But perhaps it would be easier to blame her, then to think of all the events I could have stopped, that brought me here today, and sit in my pity and think that I may be in some part responsible for your death also.

Maybe I am just bitter at Fate. For if she was not behind these events, then she is at best an opportunist. Such would make my reasoning right that she is no god. In some strange way, maybe this is what she saw in me and why she choose me for her tasks also.

And for what? What artifact would Fate make from you? That cruel, I swear heartless (at times) wench, would take your eye, which you had used for so long as you kept watch guarding your lands, and fashion it to a sack. How could such a young and beautiful siren as Fate do this to to such and ugly, but yet strong and loyal being like you. I will be glad to have shed my dealings with Fate now. It seems a duty of mine now, a duty toward all your kind, would be to see that the final passage of this artifact will not happen. I shall try my best to see that it is never activated by being gifted to anyone. Even if that means I must destroy it, Your eye, the last of your being, I only do it out of my respect I have for you Azure.

Fate, You have held me in your soft, precious, delicate hands, demanding my service to you for too long now. My debt to you is more then paid. I swear, if your were not my lover, I would undo all I have done for you.

sheet of paper

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