Prophecy of Erron Path

“Within my vision I saw a mother giving birth to seven son’s. There was much pain and suffering during this birth, of which i shall now relate.

The first of the sons succumb to the pains of his mother and became ill in the womb. His bothers called out for him to be strong, they reached for him, trying to save him. But still he died before birth.

The Second son, upon seeing his brothers fate became too scared to leave the womb. He cried to his brothers that this would be all of the sons doom, and returned to the mother.

Those that left the mothers womb set foot on the land, and began to build houses. But life for them was hard and toilsome.

The third son had much difficulty finding building materials for his house, and his house fell upon him, leaving him to starve and die.

The forth son fell victim to men who corrupted him and killed him.

The fifth son became rich and fat. Other wealthy men bought his sole from him.

The Sixth son built a fine house, stronger then most. He bragged to all about the strength of his house. Upon hearing this, the crafts men he had hired to build his house rose up and slayed him.

The Seventh son built a strong house that stood for many years, each year he would add to the house till it became as large as a palace. Then a wind blew, and cut through the grand hall of the palace, as a knife that cuts the day and night. The wind knocked him down and covered him, suffocating him. The Seventh son surrendered to the wind, offering his house to the wind in exchange for his life. Then he returned to his mother and entered her womb.”

Prophecy of Erron Path

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