Port Pearl

Capitol City for the country of Unnine

Population appx 43,000

Port Pearl was so named because of a large pearl bed not to off the coast.

Whereas Firstlund is known for its culture, most of Unnine is known for its skilled craftsmen, from woodworking (and a few large lumber companies) to being the only place where pearls or coral can be harvested and then made into jewelry. Plus many other top notch craftsmen call this place home.

For many years this area has been known for its lawfulness and fairness, which is perhaps why so many people that wish to learn law practices tend to find themselves traveling here.

Just prior to the adventure, there was a build up guards. it is latter found out that this is due to a large amount of gold coin and bars stolen right from the treasury by the follower of the crafters. later as more tension builds, there are warehouse fires, kidnapping, riots, and even another shipment of gold looted from a ship bound from Heronus.

at this time the city is now seeing martial law put into place as more riots take place.

the one Dwarven consulate has been evacuated for fear they would be brought into the conflict.

Port Pearl

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