Manez's diary

(approx 9 ½ months till kings deaths)
The Queen was ill again today. But yet in good cheer. I can only conclude one thing. She is with child. I fear the King does not know at this time. What his reaction to this news will be is uncertain. For his temperance toward anyone close to him grows more and more fragile every day. He has became less and less him self these last few weeks.

( 7 ½ months till kings death )
Today in consul with other advisers, the king accused some as being disloyal to him. I’ve known these men a long time. They are as loyal to him as I. He also hinted at using magic to help strengthen the new dock’s being built. Some of us can’t believe that. No Dodaring ever has used magic to help build the kingdom. It goes against everything they’ve been brought up for. Is the king going mad ? I shall keep a close eye on him.

( 7 months to kings deaths )
The Queen asked me again today if i knew someone that might help protect her child. What she is asking is pure disrespect to the king. Even if i know such a man, to bring one into the castle, would certainly be my death. Perhaps i shall just pass it off as the queen and king testing my loyalty.

( 5 ½ months before kings death )
The boys stopped by today. They claim they grow tired at night, but find it hard to sleep. While a quick physical of each reveal no symptoms of fatigue. I will concoct a mild sedative for each boy.

( 5 months til kings death )
The king has removed me from being one of his advisers. I suspect because his madness has led him to think I oppose his views. He still does hold on to me as physician tho, and with his failing health, he needs more and more care. He grows more and more paranoid with each passing day. This is more then a father’s nervousness of an expected child, and i’m not even sure he knows yet. While it is possible to spot her belly growth at this time, the queen’s large flowing dress is able to cover herself beyond what one might see.

( 2 months before kings death )
Today i am left to conclude the the King is mad. Out of pure observation i saw a maiden named Tillyn in the courtyard with the king and queen. I have heard, but only via rumor, that this maiden is an apprentice to a sorceress. Magic in the courtyard ? Surely this spells the end for the kingdom.

( 1 month before kings death )
The Boys had a chat with me today. They both have seen large rats in the storage rooms under the castle where they play. They claim to be frightened, but i have never known these boys to be scared of a rat, at their age. Perhaps they are looking for new ways to torture the rats. By this time tomorrow i will have made up a drink to stop 100 rats. That should keep the boys happy for a few days.

( 3 weeks before kings death )
The Queen leaves today for Herounus. I question why she would do this, when she is so close to having child.

( 10 days before kings death )
More madness i say. A runner i hired to follow the queen to Firstlund tells me she made contact with a wizard teacher, and had an itinerary to be at the wizards place for many days. Is this wizard about to conduct some dark ritual over the expectant queen ? I can do nothing for her or child now.

( 7 days before kings death )
I must agree with those that are still advisers to the king. With the kings failing health and mind there needs to be a proper heir. The eldest boy would be the rightful heir, but is he mature enough? The two boys together do seem to get along. Perhaps both boys together, under the direction of us advisers could lead the kingdom, if the kings health does warrant it.

(1 week before kings death)
The Kingdom grieves today with the loss of our beloved queen at sea. Lost at sea they say with one of the best captains of the fleet. Why would she be traveling also when she is so close to birth. Was the child already delivered, maybe into the hands of some dark sorcerer.

(3 days before Kings Death)
The King grieves more today at the loss of our queen. This stress is not good for him in his health. Quite bazaar the boys don’t seem so sad at the loss of their mother.

(Day of Kings death)
The king was found forever at rest this morning. I can’t say this is a bad thing with his ever growing madness and poor health. But still I attended to him, and saw what i did not want to see on his bed-stand… i am only left to cry “what have i done, what have i done?”

Manez's diary

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