Known Human World


The known human land is roughly rectangle, 400 miles north-south by 600 miles east-west. This equates to about ¼ million sqr miles,(or roughly the area of France), or for a closer image, about the shape of Montana along with ½ of north and south Dakota .. only with the curved side ( that you see on the west side on Montana ) on the east side.

To the south is ocean. Three major cities lay along the sea line (more on cities later)

To the east it slowly becomes swamp-like. There are some small villages off to the east, but farmland that way is poor, and rumors of swamp creatures keep civilization from encroaching. This hasn’t kept some from venturing near the swamp. There are one or two logging companies that are known to chop down trees near the swampland, and of course some ‘hunters’ make attempts to find weird beast to fight in the gladiatorial arenas in and near the swamps.

To the north are mountains that no human has been allowed to venture in, let alone past. The Dwarf race’s guard their homeland with much ferocity. In addition the dwarf’s have passed along many tales about monsters that lie on the other side of the mounts.

To the west lies the forest of Elves. Blocking any expansion that way. More on elves later.

Fortunately, at this time, the human population is still at a point that the land they are held to is plenty big. Roughly 300,000 to 350,000. About 6 times the population of St.Cloud (not including surrounding suburbs), or 1/3 the population of S. Dakota in an area 3 times the size of S.D. So no one yet is worried about running out of room.

There are 4 countries/kingdom to speak of

Dodaring: located along the sea and to the west: next to the elven forest.
Firstlund: located in the center of the human known land along the southern sea boarder.
Unnine: located along the sea boarder and to the east next to the swamps
Gillandia: located north of Dodaring and next to the elven forest. While there is no formal northern border, there does seem to be an unspoken ‘no man’s land’ of 50-100 miles between Gillandia and the mountains.

There is plenty of land that humans have settled ( north of Firstlund and Unnine ) but for the past several hundred years, no one has been able to proclaim much of a dominate control over enough territory ( prompted by battle after battle going on for land, costing land owners lots of resources.. and then being taken over latter, ect. Ect )

Not entirely true. there used to be magic, and there are still tails of what some of the wizards used to do. but that was years back ( 7 1/2 as o start of campaign ). why there is no magic now is explained in the Event
The worse thing that has come out of this ‘Event’ was the hunting and killing of wizards and/or anyone associated with magic.
Why this happened, there are several reasons.

  • with out their magic to protect themselves, the Dodaring family has long sought after their elimination.
  • wizards went after each-other to try to eliminate competition for prestige.
  • some claim that magic enchantments that the wizards used may have killed themselves.
  • it was easier for bounty hunters to find wizards that had already made a name for themselves. alot of money could be made by bring in a wizard

Humans ( who dominate the known human land )

others ??

Known Human World

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