gotts trinken

( Means gods drink in German )

Is name for drink the dwarf’s “can’t seems to get enough of” / "would pay a mint for "
Strange brew that seems to me highly tasteful to the dwarf pallet. While only so-so or slightly bad tasting to humans.

In the chapter tough times in port pearl, a merchant strikes a deal with the party to acquire a large shipment from the Equins and deliver it to the dwarves because they are so fond of it. The Equins refer to it as Earth Berry juice.

In the chapter [[Royal Crown … | Royal Crown …]] there is a connection showing that the Equins saved a group of dwarf’s along time ago by offering this to them. Unfortunately the dwarf’s do not have the proper resources/growing conditions to grow what is needed, and they brew a disgusting brew they call Blut Schiff

gotts trinken

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