Things known about the Equines.

No one seems to know much about them, as they are a new race that the humans have run into.
They are ½ horse, ½ human ( like centaur )
They have not gotten along with ANY of the diplomats sent before. ( granted only about ½ dozen meetings tho.
They live in herds and roam.
They are excellent archery marksmen, a bit militant, and not to fond of the elves either.
They have treated humans rude, brash, unsophisticated ( at least according to the diplomats view). They sent a smaller member of their herd to be a negotiator/interpreter ( the diplomats referred to this equine as the ‘runt of the liter’/ and were quite offended that they were not aloud to talk with the herd leader )
the Equine taunting game, is used to establish dominance in the herd.
Equines believe humans are a lower life form ( diplomatic relation with them before have had a policy of peaceful negotiations, Equines think this is week, since they are warriors)
Junior is referred to by his herd as a “cart-puller”: a ‘position of honerable/dishonor’
those that are not honored by the herd can not participate in herd activities ( like humans or Cart-pullers)

They do not wear much for cloths, mostly vest type even among the female ( the diplomats thought this might even be a sign of rank in the particular herd).

dwarfs. possibly saved a group of dwarf’s lives many years ago and offered them a drink the dwarf’s now call Blut Schiff ( also see gotts trinken
Party saved a young equine girl, she in return ‘gifted’ Devlin a strange bow

Party believes there is a connection with the phrase “coarse the tail of hoof and hand” found in the Wondered prize poem. debate over weather the phrase should read " choirs the tail " as in “sing the song” or actually “coarse the tail” as in a “rough tail”. and have copied the word and music to the song they sing while making Earth Berry juice. thinking this is what the dwarf’s crave as ‘gotts trinken’


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