Let’s face it, no one likes the elves, and no one really knows why. There are horror stories about what cruel things elves do to humans (and dwarves alike). On top of this, there has never been a report of any good encounter with an elf. They are known to immediately attack a human, and fight until one, the other, or both are dead. They are nearly impossible to keep in captivity (as Arena manages will attest to). Either fighting the guard to the death, or even ‘going mad’ in the cell while trying to get at other prisoners so much, they will kill themselves trying to break down doors , walls or just trying to push themselves between bars.

Again the worst thing about elves is how cruel they are: from flaying flesh, unholy act of torture and abuses they do toward non-elf’s. Some of the sights that have been witnessed by those that have seen these acts, are enough to make even the strongest willed man vomit (something the elves like to make their prisoners do over and over, until there is enough to boil ‘em in it) get the idea.

Just about every human and dwarf have a “kill elf on sight” code toward ‘em, as it seems elves will kill humans on sight also. Likewise, outside of being a ‘hunter’ anyone that doesn’t kill an elf when they should is cast out by society (think ‘scarlet letter’ only about elves). This tends to be a curse sometimes even passed down to children and grandchildren until made right by society. ‘Hunters’ only get away with this because they are bringing in an elf for others to witness getting killed.

There’s a great 3 day long festival in Westfork called the Drag’n where elves are drug behind a horse or wagon until dead, and young children are encouraged to throw rocks at the elf as it passes by, sometimes they (the children) get reworded candy treat, for good hits) while this may sound like cruel acts back to elves, it is nowhere near as horrid as the tails of what elves do.


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