Dwarfs hail from the mountains to the north of the Known Human World.

All the ‘short’ races ( Halfling,gnome,dwarf) are called dwarf.

Also, dwarfs have no affinity toward beard wearing. Many of the mining dwarfs feel that all that facial hair collects too much dust and mud to wear it long, and may be seen wearing little facial hair.

Dwarfs are known for their engineering skills and are currently employed throughout much of the human land in big building projects (most notable a huge endeavor to redirect the river around Westfork to create large new docks.

There are many stories about human like creatures in the mountain that the dwarf’s have been at war with for centuries ( see Ogres. This has caused the dwarfs to “leap” before “looking” when they see humanoids other then dwarf race. Especially in the mountains. This is why all humans are highly advised to stay away from the mountain, since once a dwarf gets mad, he’s likely to attack anyone that’s not a dwarf, even if they’ve been a friend of the dwarf.

Within the human lands, dwarfs do tend to keep their ‘humanoid rage’ in check, but have been known to forget that humans are allies. The dwarf’s tend to congregate together in little areas very similar to “china town’s”.

The 4 larger cites each have a ‘dwarf consulate’ house for dwarfs to get help at, or special dwarf supplies. They also serve as a meeting place for humans to do business with dwarfs. They are rarely seen away from the larger cities because they feel alienated away from their kind.


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