Dodaring Family

Current rulers of the country of Dodareing
there are two brother that co-rule, and so far the ruler ship for them works.

the country/citizens are happy enough with their king(s) that they accept them, and most neither fear or hate the king(s).

According to Manez’s diary the two brothers may be behind the death of their father approximately 25 years before the story begins.

The Oldest Brother has 2 daughters
Dawn is 16 and ‘likes a boy’ who can best be describe as a ‘golden boy’ to the Dodaring family. and is the picture of elegance, grace and just about anything you could imagine as the stereotypical Cinderella type princess. Made the ultimate of being a host to her cousin Bernards birthday party in the chapter return to Dodareing. She looks very much like her grandmother’s portrait.

Eve is about 13 and is very much a tom boy that would rather swing a sword then swing dance. Story’s go around the castle about her wrestling with the young squires and pages. Even as a girl and at a young age, her skill with fighting is quite good. She doesn’t like to lose a fight, and knows how to throw a princess style tantrum. dreams of leading an army in battle victory.

The younger brother has 1 son
Bernard who turned 8 in the chapter return to Dodareing. Even at his young age he seems to be quite knowledgeable about military tactics and commerce. Some think tho that he’s been ‘coached’ by his dad. The knife mentioned in Prophecy of Erron Path may be the sword that was intended to be a birthday gift to him 7 years ago.

Dodaring Family

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