Blut Schiff

“Means blood ship or blood vessel in German”

A horrible tasting, stinky brew , served as an honer drink by the dwarf’s at certain festivals or ceremonies to those that only the strongest worriers or kings. Only the best of their clan’s are even offered this rancid brew, but to turn it down is an considered an insult. It is a true test of ones strength, will, desire, ( not to mention stomach ) to keep this stuff .. as the dwarf’s put it .. from “putting it back on the ground”

As Dwarfs legend had it… long ago a band of dwarf solders got lost far away from their clan. the dwarf’s where saved by a group of creature that had a top half much akin to a humanoid, and a bottom half as a four legged animal ( the equine ). These creatures offered them a drink that saved the dwarf’s lives from thirst and starvation.

Although the dwarf’s tried to copy the drink, they didn’t have the right ingredients to make it correctly ( something the dwarf’s don’t know right now ), and instead of using nice tasting berries, the dwarf’s were stuck using mushrooms, and the drink comes out really disgusting in taste and smell

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Blut Schiff

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