Located along the shoreline of the river that runs into the Shibanic Lake (which eventually feeds down into the sea at Dodaring).
It has become known as a black market capital, where, “if it can be found, it can be bought here”.

So named because the merchants would meet here along the ‘Banks’ of the river. Over the hundreds of years, merchants have ‘undocumented’ claimed this area as their own.
Many folks have never even heard of ‘the bank’ as many merchants tend to stay quiet about it. Others that have gone here spread word about it.

At any given time there are hundreds of merchants, in hundreds of tents spread out along the hill side next to the lake/river selling anything and everything (that can be found).

Technically there is no law guarding this place, so the merchants and their hired men do the job themselves. Quite contrary to what one might think, there is no rampant crime. Most do tend to be at least civil here, for fear if word got out about them causing problems among other merchants, It may come back to haunt them financially. Likewise most ‘trades’ are fair (within reason) between seller and buyer, no one wants bad word of mouth to get out about them in such a close environment.

Up until recently there were only 3 permanent buildings here. After the ‘tent warehouse’ burnt down, only the fishing docks/pen’s & ‘Great house’ are still up. To picture the ‘great house’, just imagine a Viking longhouse measuring about 200 by 50 feet and 15 high (plus roof where many folks might sleep to get out of a rainy night) made out of huge timbers stacked like a log cabin. There used to be wide doors (2 entrances) but they have over the years been treated so poorly it was best to remove them. Inside are three large circular fire rings (each big enough to cook 4 meals) and many many tables and chairs (mostly in bad shape as they have been brought in from merchants/guards and just left behind. Many of the tables are carved up in grids / circles or other shapes needed to play various games.

Notable’s that can be found here from time to time:
Three Brothers Merchants


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