Where at first the prize did fall

Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, Gertzie and Broadrick continue on.
We pick up going back in time a bit, and find Thelia casting her detect magic spell. As she tries to detect magic on the bone bow she was .. well over loaded with the sensation of magic and went unconscious, eventually coming around, still bind with a massive headache ( which she later cured both by using a spell ). This was more powerful magic then she had ever heard about ( the party later finds out why , as this is one of the gods artifacts. One they find out later belongs to the god of balance.

They plunge on through a massive steal gate, and into a large conference hall ( very reminiscent of the U.S. government senate house.) finding many ‘box seat’ areas with tables and chairs. In front a ‘stage’ with conference tables and a ’judge’s’ panel. In the center of the stage a large golden double ringed circle with a double pentagram, who’s lines are wide enough to have silver lettering of more magical script. The fear is that this may have been used to control summoned creature ( wow do these guys watch to much TV )

As they examine the ’ stage area ’ they hear a voice from behind. They turn to see a figure that looks alot like Dawn or the queen mother they saw in a painting at the birthday party. Instantly they guess this as the queen child ( aka baby bump ). She is a bit aggressive at first ( ok, aggressive all the way through the talk ), as she accuses the party of being wizard hunters and threatens to lock them in this place. They only get her to be ‘at her best’ when they assure her that they believe magic is not gone, and would like to see magic return. With very much anger in her eyes ( no sense motive needed ) she seems to curse all those who’s hunted the wizards, and states that when magic does return, those that have hunted wizards, “will pay dearly”. she is asked her name, and identifies herself as Corizon Yamenta

( one must note at this time that because the Dodaring brothers seamed to have killed their father, by Dodaring law she would become the next successor to the throne. but she very much seemed ‘given her state of mind’ that she would be much a tyrant who would rule very harshly on her subjects .. one is left to wonder which is better, the unlawful brothers whom folks seems to for the most part like, or the sister who would be unmerciful. )

Not fully satisfied with the party’s answers to her questions, but liking the knowledge that she may be the rightful successor to the most powerful country ( from which to make people pay ) she storms off. As she leave ( doesn’t this sound like a play ?? ) the party hears another voice from behind them, and turn to see a most beautiful woman ( that they’ve never seen before ) they seem to automatically guess that she is indeed ( drum role ) .. the goddess known as Fate. ( and yes, fate’s a B# )

Fate informs them that although Cora may have her motives ( being human and all ), Fate believes that the party should be made fully aware of what they ( they party ) are getting into. So that they may make their own decision as what to do.

She informs them about ..
the good, the bad, and the magic

other tid bits the party finds out from Fate.
1) Azure & Aura are beast known as dragon’s. The head of the University at West Fork is also one, that the party assumes must have transformed it’s shape to be in human form.
2) There is another land that Fate calls “the mother land” that the humans came from a bit over 2000 years ago. That land is in peril as evil is taking over.. with out magic to help it, it may fall to the evil. The party thinks this may be related to the Prophecy of Erron Path speaking of returning to the mother at the land.

The party is left with their “test of heart and mind”
Do they say no to magic, let hundreds of people die in the Unnine conflict and their world moves on ( with them being able to grow a large crop of brew for the dwarfs) and make sure thatCora would not be an evil ruler,
Or do they restore magic , run the risk that Corazone becomes a tyrant, and have chance at saving a land they know absolutely nothing about from evil ??
They leave the Conference of Wizards hall .. seeming to be willing to take that chance.

That night they are visited in dreams by different gods who seems to have interest in what the group is doing ( now that the party has been made aware of at least a god of fate, magic, war and balance ). They also are made aware of a god of peace, a god of thief’s, plus a ‘wanna be’ god of life/death, whom they knew as Pirtanthir, each with their own agenda.

Accepting their ( ahem,) fate.. they feel Fate will direct threw the rest of their journey, if indeed they are to restore magic. Not knowing where to turn next and letting fate happen, they travel to the Bank in hopes of catching Alyshia, but don’t find her. Then travel next to the University in hopes of gaining audience with the ‘Librarian’, to no avail after 2-3 days.

What does happen is..
One evening while in one of the local taverns, an elderly gentleman comes in, ask for Devlin and hands him a note. the note is for him ( and guest ) to come join Eve at the residence of her sisters – boyfriends – parents , manor.



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