At the University at West Fork several events happen.
When they realize that it will take many days for students and professors to do research on Amantha and the strange substance….

Gertzie visits the large dwarven community. But not much happens with that. (Gertzie is left there and joins the group at a letter time )

Devlin inquires about fighting in the arena. He gets involves with a conspiracy to alter odds on a championship match next week. He is paid to win, while a local town favorite named Gorian is going to ‘take a dive’. Devlin puts on a fabulous show, when the villain Zorkora burst in at the end of the match and ‘disrespects’ Gorian.

Thelia, Pillnar, and Penelope go to the University. Students find some information about Amantha.
1)he died over 20 years ago
2)Was a student of the U years ago but was kicked out for ‘unbecoming behavior’
3)Tried to be a leader in the wizards consul but due to his ‘necromantic’ teachings never became one.
4)His apprentice Pirtanthir is the one that discovered his dead body.. perhaps took his “belongings” but he has never been seen since.
5)locals took his body and buried him in a steal casket and sealed it.
A professor of science took interest in investigating and running test on the substance.. but this would take several days ( if not weeks ).

Penelope decided to wonder the halls looking for random stuff/ or information on noble families. A student recommended a book he had recently read about the history of the Dodaring family (rulers of the country of Dodaring ).
From reading the book, She learns about an ancient curse/prophecy placed on the family by a wizard named Erron Path
Erron Path was a powerful wizard who died over 1000 years ago. << key note for a later event.
Dodarings have always hated magic use and wizards (Kristoph may provide proof by stating that it is known that Dodaring will hire hunters to find wizards)
She ( and Devlin )ask the librarian of that building for more information about Erron Path, and are lead into the basement of the OLD ARCHIVES. Strangely the last person to have signed into going down there used the name Erron Path, only 6 years ago ( cue eery mystery music).
They find old scrolls of Erron Path and the details of the curse/prophecy. Which in general states ( IE DM didn’t have much time to work on this )
##(see prophecy of Erron Path

Also in the ‘archives’ they see an old door with old locks .. even thou the librarian has keys for it, the door is too old/rusted to open, plus the librarian insist on integrity of the archival building, so they’re not aloud to damage the door to get in. It is at this time Jamie rogue notices a piece off scrap paper that looks too new to be in this area, and they discover the Wondered prize poem.
Devlin believes this might be a link to how to get magic back in the world.

Back in the Science lab ..
4-5 days are spent doing lab work. Two students that came into contact with the bottles gray fluid started to act strange. The players find that the red stuff inside not only reacts to living stuff, but also grows and seems to draw life force from living beings into it. Fearing how bad this could become, they destroy the stuff. Well documented research information that has gone on will be copied and sent to Port Pearl stating that this is the essence of Amentha and was destroyed. Altho the professor is quite saddened that more research could not be done.

  1. # # # #
    the DM aloud characters to have some insight on the poem they found
    Penelope ( Ears see what blinds the eyes ) believe it is words of caution to listen to the poem carefully and not necessarily read it.
    Pillnar ( Untrue folks ) through his religion knowledge knows that ‘true aligned’ folks are referred to those that are fated to have something happen.
    Devlin ( few have seen a man twice grown ) from his experience in gladiator fights , he has heard about ‘giant men’ the Dwarf’s claim they battle in the mountains.
    Gertzie ( his dusty second rose ) she remembered that there where two roses above Amentha’s fireplace mantle. But no dust was on or around it. She also found it funny that since Amentha is a necromancer, if the essence would have brought him back to life,, he would have ‘Rose’ a second time, and the essence is now a pile of dust.



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