The Verdict

With what they believe as only needing one more ingredient Devlin, Penelope, Pillnar, and Thelia are left needing only the “lace from younger serpent maid”. not knowing exactly where this might be they dwell for a awhile to see where ‘Fate’ might point them. Several factors indicate it might be in the swamp east of Port Pearl ( mainly that the wood used to make the swords scabbard, used in the chest the thief brothers had in Away We Go, and was discovered to be the best type of wood for making the gotts trinken containers ) and that the missing lumberjacks from Port Pearl led to some unanswered questions.

Picking up their good friend Xou Sheg who had investigated the missing lumberjacks for a bit, they head into the swamp and travel down some of the narrows swamp rivers. As one would expect, it got too strangely quiet. Then a net fell upon Pillnar and strange looking 1/2 men, 1/2 snake creatures sprung out of the water, forcing the party to drop their weapons and follow them. While there was a huge language barrier to over come, the party did find out why they were captured. It seemed that the creatures had this mysterious ‘tree’ that seemed to be dieing, and the creatures thought that humans were going to come and cure the tree ( the reason why the lumberjack went missing in the other chapters). Thelia unloaded every heal/cure spell she had which seemed to make the tree better( actually it would not get fully healed till magic returned, but the creatures were satisfied with the temporary results). Noticing a stringy moss growing on the tree, Penelope suggests that this is probably the ‘Lace’ mentioned in the poem. They ask the creatures if they might have some, and are granted to take some.

With the items gathered (lace, dust, gift & Crown ), the party heads to the White Rose barrons. ( the place they believe is “the patient wondered hall, where the prize did fall”) to complete the artifact. realizing that full moon is about a week away and it will take them that long to get there. They are met with something completely unexpected. The complex is being restored to it’s former “glory’ ( for lack of a better word ) by followers of ”/campaign/insertion/wikis/pirtanthir" class=“wiki-page-link”> Pirtanthir, and Alyshia comes running out to greet them in a very friendly manor. they are hustled to the grand conference hall, where they spot several LARGE BEINGS, and a few human sized. Devlin, Penelope, Pillnar, and Thelia recognize four of the beings as avatar of god’s that have talked to them ( the god of war, Pirtanthir, the god of balance and the god of peace ), along with recognizing Fate, Alyshia, and Cora in attendance. plus are introduced to a few others (namely the god of magic, battle and thief god.



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