The captive strife

Having just received an invite from Eve to visit her at the manor of her sisters future in-laws… the party heads off and arrives with out incident. ( noting of course the line in the Wondered prize poem that reads “a forest gift”, and noticing how close the manor is to the forest of Elf’s.)

After a great dinner, Devlin finds Eve alone in a “mourning room” wearing a fancy gown. He can’t help but notice that she seams out of place. She gives him her “sob story” that she feels she may never be able to be as great as her feelings tell her she will be. Her wanting to grow the Dodaring country, even having a statue and making a mark in the world, and how that will never happen unless she would become king ( or have leverage on her father & uncle ). She makes a “Proposal” to Devlin, noting that he is, at least a small bit, noble and older the Alexander ( Dawns boy-toy ). Hence she is proposing a deal to take Devlin as her husband ( when the time is suitable for a young maiden in the future of course ) so that she could change the laws and become the great warrior that’s in her heart. ( the party believes there may be some other motives also )

Through the “Proposal” Devlin notices a few things she says.
Eve said she felt " Like a prisoner in a cell ": and He remembered the line from the poem that read “in chamber still the captive strife”.
Eve said she’s always had this feeling she would become great & “go farther then any Dodaring has ever been .” To himself he chuckled when he remembered a part of the Prophecy of Erron Path mentioning the “return to the mother”, and how they ( the party adventures ) had just learned about the former land where the humans came from.

The next morning the party was invited to help Alexander and his men inspect the lands and visit with local farms as they plant crops for the year. As they visit the farms, them come across one that has been burned down, and according to Alexander, attacked by elf’s. There are many horrific scenes ( which is normal for an elf attack ), but they do find one survivor that has ‘attached to his back’ something extremely similar to the log’s used by the Equines to make their ‘earth berry’ drink, and the dwarf’s use to make Blut Schiff. The party is told to return with the man to the manor and warn those folks, while Alexander and his men go hunting the Elf’s that did this.

Back at the Manor, the house goes on alert ( with elf’s being in the area ), and not surprising ( drum roll ) the elves do attack, with a treant. After a great fight ( in which Eve did fight and slay an Elf ) the party, along with the guards, do defeat the elfin force.

Alexander and his men returned latter that day saying he also found more elf’s and killed those. Apparently the elf’s are ready for an ‘active year’. ( while not mentioned in game, a messenger would most certainly be sent to neighboring farmlands, landowners , ect .. even to the king)

Through the healing of Thelia the man is brought back to life, but is still very emotionally disturbed. The party did try to open the “log”, but the plug seemed to be stuck beyond their methods. ( the party had briefly mentioned about taking this find back to the university, but nothing had been said to either the Dodaring representatives at the manor nor Alexander and his father yet)



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