task complete

Having decided to stay a few more days in West Fork to gather supplies and such, the party (Devlin,Thelia,Vlad & Penelope ) took in the championship gladiatorial match that Saturday. ( in which they mostly lost money gambling on the wrong person , as Gorian won the title ). At the arena they meet Earl , who would join them.

Penelope had done some more ‘research’ at the university on noble families. Also managed to get a copy of a map for the location they where going to, where they believed the tome may be. They asked again about gaining entrance to the locked door deep in the archives, but were denied going there.
After gathering supplies, and an uneventful trip to the ‘tome’ region..

Just outside of a small village they notice things have begun to fall into disrepair and neglect. Townsfolk are malnourished and dehydrated but are to apathetic to care about themselves. They spot a man fitting the description of one of the missing ‘blue’ guys and talk to him. After a brief talk they believe the tome ( and possibly the apprentice Pirtanthir are around.
Vlad does some tracking and they follow a path to a cave with a large podium ( also 4 dead bodies along a wall ). The party takes up positions and wait for the gathering they believe to be coming. Several local townsfolk enter ( all looking like ‘walking zombies’ along with two men in rather worn ‘blue garb’ that stand near the podium. Just after that a secret door behind the podium open and “Pirtanthir” steps out and start to ‘preach’ from a large book. The party attacks and “Pirtanthir” ( via help from DM ) barely manages to escape.. one of the ‘blue garbed’ folks is killed and the other is captured. The party retrieves the large tome and burns it. Removing it’s cover to be sent back to Port Pearl as proof. They also decide to take back the ‘blue garbed’ guy.

Earl mentions on the way back to Port pearl that there was a great fire in one of the leading merchants warehouse.

On the way back to Port Pearl, the blue guy talks about his experience. While understanding about the need to destroy the tome, he is a bit disappointed that it could not be studied ( the nature of those from ‘blue’ wanting to find answers and searching unknown riddles),he sees some benefit in the ‘teachings’ of “Pirtanthir”
the giving of life : sacrifice : changing of forms from one to another : life of one thing may mean death in another. etc
It all seams rather fascinating to him and something he may want to explore more.



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