Royal Crown

Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, and Gertzie head of to the dwarf festival. They learn of the past history of human and dwarfs, and that the dwarfs claim the humans were first encountered a bit over 1500 years ago. They also learn that the dwarfs had been in conflict with the elves and Ogres for many many years before that. They was also a tale of dwarfs being saved by what the party thought might be the Equines. From this the dwarfs honer the equine by drinking a drink they were given back then ( altho a horrible taste even to dwarfs ). It is now only served as an honorable tribute to the most worthy of dwarfs champions or chief. the dwarf’s call this drink ‘Blut Schiff’.

As a way to wrap up their festival of remembrance ( the Alten Zieten ) the dwarfs plan a battle with the ogres, and have a way for the humans to help out. They plan on cornering the ogres in a large cave but need the humans to cause a cave in. the party sets up, but notice some ogres are left behind in the cave, they also spot the large ogre chief ( who the dwarfs call a mountain giant ). They cause the cave in on top of the chief and battle the ogres, and the end of this battle the chief crawls out of the rubble of stones, and party ( using up the last of the cleric’s heals ) slay the giant, and remove it’s head ( believing this may be an item they need in the Wondered prize poem mentioning “ a royal crown of man twice grown “.
They leave the dwarven mountain via an ‘escape tube’ and head back to the human lands. Where they plan on traveling to the area where Barron Rosewhite is set to own ( but be a fraud according to the Bards research.)



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