return to Port Pearl

Returning to Port Pearl, the party reconciles everything with Penelope’s noble friend ( they got paid, and told him of what was going on in Dodaring)

Xou Sheg, spots them and informs them of what he discovered in the swamp. That a camp of lumberjacks are missing , and screams were heard from by those in a camp nearby. Some lumberjacks went to investigate, but they too are missing now.
Feeling that they might go investigate this also ( to help out the noble ) they get ready to depart in the morning, when they first get word from the noble about some emergency.
They visit the noble and are told what happened with the sailors from the ship. They are told that the ships captain purchased some low grade alcohol in Dodaring and sold it to the dwarfs as ‘ gotts trinken’. The noble says the dwarfs blame him for the bad drink, and his reputation is on the line (not to mention the party’s also).. and justice should be done, so the party ( after securing a note from another ‘friend’ of Penelope, go to arrest the ship captain on the docks before he can set sail.

After a brief fight the crew is ‘dispatched’ and the captain (along with the first mate who tried to set the ship on fire), are tied up by the party and brought to the courts. The party members ( along with the noble, rep’s from the dwarfs, a few crew members, and some dock workers who saw the events) will all be interviewed by the court.
The trial won’t start for at least a week until all evidence is brought in. Since statements have been given to the court by the party members, many of them will be release from having to appear at the trial, but at least one will have to appear in the trail (being call by the prosecution as as a witness).

  1. (side note: many players have expressed interest in investigating other events that have been occurring in this adventure. Jay’s swashbuckler, Jason’s cleric, Jamie’s rouge and Eric’s bard will be heading to the University at West Fork, while Neil’s paladin stays behind ( being the symbol of justice in the party, he’ll take part in the trial)



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