return to Dodareing

Before the party sets sail back to the ‘known land’ they learn of some disturbing developments. A few Dodaring engineers and surveyors plotted out of the Equine land for what seemed to be about the size of a large fort. The party fears that Dodaring might send militant might into the land. Knowing that the Equines would not like this, they fear it would start war between the two.
Coming back to the ‘known lands’ there is a small detour, as the captain enters the port of the capitol city Dodaring. He, his first mate and two of the crew quickly get off board, and the swashbuckler and Bard trail his suspicious activities. Later they discover that the two crew were sent to gather ‘entertainment’ for the crew, while the first mate makes a bee-line to the military engineers headquarters.(but don’t gain information as to what was discussed there). The captain heads for a merchant house, and while they don’t gain information about it, the heavy suspicion it that the captain is working out a deal to get some cargo to bring back to Port Pearl (knowing that an empty ship is losing money for the captain)

  • * stuff not mentioned in game: the party may see some cargo loaded into the ship, later that day or the next day.

Meanwhile the party finds that the ship will be docked for two days (mostly as the captain says: in observance of prince Bernard’s birthday, since there will be party’s galore in town, this is a great way to improve the moral in his crew.
Not wanting to stay in the cramped quarters of the ship, the party finds a nice comfortable inn to stay the next two nights in. While there Devlin is ‘accosted’ by two tailors who measure him up for a fancy outfit he’s to wear. Later the party finds out he is the escort of some mysterious ‘Lady Rosewhite’ ,who is known to be a big time socialite, to the big royal celebration at Dodaring castle. On the way there in the carriage Devlin notices lady Rosewhite similarities to a ‘Cook’ named Alyshia they met at the Bank. He decides to play along hopping to see “what she’s up to”. The paladin, bard, and cleric all manages to find invites through ‘friends of theirs’ that are not interested in going to the party because of philosophical differences.
At the birthday party the players find out several different things.
About the family
The older brother has two girls ( Dawn and Eve). Dawn is 16 and ‘likes a boy’ who can best be describe as a ‘golden boy’ to the Dodaring family, and is the picture of elegance and grace. Eve is about 13 and is very much a tom boy that would rather swing a sword then swing dance. Jay tries to make friends with eve, but she becomes too brat-like when he won’t show her his nice sword.
· The younger brother has one son, Bernard. He just turned 8, and is very smart for his age in matters of military and commerce. While some things he does say seem to coached (as if what his father would say) there are certainly points the young man brings up that are certainly his own opinion.
· The bard and Paladin find a room of portraits of the royal families in the past. They notice a striking similarity of Dawn and her grandmother. (Who is said to have died in a storm at sea, and whose lost left the grandfather to grieve so much it caused his early death.) While this picture must have been painted shortly before her death, the players think that there is a baby bump on the queen mother, but no records of a third child are known.
· They party wonders if this baby bump could be an heir to the throne. Possibly finding some Dodaring legal person at the party, they find that because there is two brothers, the next heir could be quite a complex mater, and the only way a third child could gain the throne is if the king fathers will was declare nul-in-void, and two brothers were also somehow not eligible to become king.
Dodaring Saber rattling (what Devlin is calling it).
· The party does know about Dodaring military build-up and that it seems to be best described as a slow burning pot, ready to boil .
· At the party, they hear nothing about any Dodaring military work against the Equines (in fact non of the folks at the party claim to have heard of the Equines).
· They also learn that there are engineers and advisers out in some of the uncontrolled lands looking for more property.
· Advisers have been sent to Unnine, to assess its strength. Generals at the party are calling Unnine a ‘soft target’ if the conflicts in port pearl escalate. With disorder, they feel the country would be better served by someone/something that can restore order.

Other tid-bits
· A ship of gold bars destined for Herounus (capitol of Firstland) was sunk and plundered in the harbor of Port Pearl. Many believe this was the work of the craftsmen in an attempt to gain wealth in the conflict.
The party notes that they still haven’t been paid, plus they feel they should inform folks in Port Pearl about Dodaring intention (both vs the Equines and Unnine)

  1. Side note, jay was wondering how old he is, and how long this has been going on (character time )… by my calculation, it’s been approx 15 weeks since the incident at ‘the Bank’ that brought the main group together.



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