More Crime

More Crime

Thus brings us to a bright and sunny Sunday morning in the not so quiet city of Port Pearl where the group learns early in the day about a merchant group that was accosted early that day just a mile or two outside of town, and guards are looking for a man going by the name of the “black cloak rebel”.
Devlin is once again arrested in connection to this because he is identified as looking similar to the leader of the “bandit group” and had id’d himself the night before in the arena.
The rest of party travels out to the “scene of the crime” and gathers evidence. They also find several clues from talking to locals in town.. Notably some witness’s who saw a cart pull up behind the inn the group was staying at, and linking it to a “stone worker”. Also the strange art symbol was seen on a “painters” shop masked in the shape of brushes.
After informing the authorities about what they had found, and putting up bail for Devlin and Vlad ,and keeping out of trouble for the next week, the trial for several craftsmen linked to this “black cloak rebel” group was held. ( although the players have forgotten how many people they saw at the “hidden meeting” should lead them to wonder where the others are). Plus many of the symbols around town that were seen before, are no longer noticeable.
The evidence the players bring to the trail is very helpful to the authorities. BUT! Because they knowingly withheld crucial evidence to another crime the county was working on ( noticeably the steeling of gold bars from the countries mint – had the party followed up on this earlier when they arrived, the rebellion would have taken a much different turn). The country would hold one person responsible for this while the others were pardoned. If that person would do a task for the country then they also would also be pardoned ( from crimes linked to this incident up to this point, but not after, because of how involved they seem to have been before, the country still has some suspicion that they ‘may be part’ if they continue to be linked to future events associated with this black cloak rebel group. Vlad quickly signed the agreement making him responsible.
Two days later he is approached by two “followers of mystery and knowledge” dressed in blue, and told that they have heard about a Cult of Amantha from two of their ‘brothern’ in a northern region.
This is what these folks know about Amantha .

  • he was a great wizard until he died about 20 years ago
  • he keep his experiment work is a ledger or ‘Tome’
  • he had claimed to be able to store a life essence and bring it back.
  • His former residence/lab wasn’t to far away.
    They are told/asked to find and destroy Amantha’s essence so he may not be brought back to life( even if the tome is destroyed ) and to destroy the tome so that no one will ever be able to do these acts in the future.



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