Information gathering

After about 2 weeks, the party manages to get together in West Fork to catch up with details of what they discovered.

Penelope: found a diary from Manez, a physician to the king’s father ( 25 years ago ) which did indicate that he believed the queen was pregnant, and possibly a 3rd child was born. Also the diary does shine some suspicion that the boys may have used some poison to kill their father.

Thelia: found the best type of wood to use to in the ’gotts trinken” was from some tree in the swamp. Also the best location to grow the berries and grass was in northern Firstlund on a property owned by a Barron Rosewhite

the Bard: Found that the Rosewhite family name is a most likely a fraud. He also discovered a sheet of paper that talked about some creatures named ‘Azure’ and ‘Aura’: and a god named ‘Fate’. Plus that gods become gods by acquiring artifacts, from those creatures, and gifting them somehow.

Devlin: had a strange encounter with the “Librarian” who left him a cryptic message about the strange bow made of some kind of bone given to him from the Equine girl. He also followed up on the sword and discovered it was crafted by a grand master named Zepheria and was likely going to be a gift for the ‘now’ young prince Bernard 7 years ago. ( it certainly has the quality to be magically enchanted, and Clockwert probably saved it by not delivering to be enchanted.)

Pillnar: came back and let them know of growing problems in Port Pearl. Also that they’ve been invited to go see a function in the dwarven mountains named Alten Zieten, something akin to a memorial day. The dwarfs will be heading out in about a week ( it was highly suggested they travel with the dwarfs).



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