home sweet home

As Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, and Gertzie leave the dwarf land and head into more human land, their trip takes them past the Bank. They decide to make a stop there because it was known to them that Alyshia was commonly seen there. ( and they had questions for her ). She is spotted playing straga. Devlin engages her in game and conversation.
Her expertise in play leads them to suspect she is no common traveler, and must have some access to that kind of noble level of play. The game goes on with her easily defeating Devlin ( too his humiliation , even tho she tried hard to ‘make a game of it’ ( by playing awful) there was no way he wasn’t going to loose based on his poor playing abilities ( yes he rolled a 1). To this, she started up a 2nd game and gave Devlin ‘signals’ by tapping his foot under the table. using this method she orchestrated a masterful game were Devlin won. a third game was called for, and high betting was wagered by the crowd. Even tho she let Devlin win, she managed to sneak a large portion of the wager into her own pockets ( one might have noticed that during the gamble she never put any money on the bet .. something I the DM failed to mention also .. but doesn’t affect the story any ), and she managed to loose the rest of the party in the crowd and got lost from sight.

Meanwhile the party hooks up with Broadrick ( who just happened to be at the bank at the time, brad wasn’t here, but i let the party use him because i knew they’d need more bodies in the upcoming encounters).

Off to the area that is said to be owned by this Barron Rosewhite. They came to a small hamlet and were taken in for the night by a kind middle aged shop keeper and his wife. They ask the shop keeper is he has heard of the Rosewhites, to which the response is no. Penelope and Gertzie help out the wife. The others help out the man, who calls his wife Tillyn. Wondering of this is the same Tillyn from Manez’s diary. They swap info with the shopkeeper, telling him about their time at the Dodareing birthday party for Bernard.
The old man ( who calls himself Bradalis Yamenta) assures them that she could not be that Tillyn because she’s lived here with him all that time.

In the morning they are served an incredible delicious breakfast. Bradalis admits that his wife is a wonderful cook (given her disfigurement). Even tho I the DM seemed to stress this more then once, the players neglect to draw a connection to another fine cook they’ve met. He ( Bradalis ) stats that he thought about it during the night, and while he’s not hear of Barron Rosewhite, there was tale his grandfather told him about a place called the ‘white rose barons’. The party listens to that tale and believe it’s an apt place they are looking for to grow those Earth berries, and manufacture the gotts trinken.

They make their way to the area ( covered by thick vegetation and brambles). one the way they all get an eerie sensation of being watched, which for at least a short time affect each a different way.
Devlin seems to get agree quick easy, and each cut from a rose tree/bush makes him curse at it and hack it down. vision of fighting in the arena, or the fight with the ogres flash in his mind.
Gertzie ( wasn’t really there .. letting players play her ), but if she was, would have a strange feeling also .. which i can’t say at this time … HA HA !!
Penelope starts to wonder about life, maybe if she died, would anyone care, maybe it would be better.. she might be better if she were not alive.. or a different life. the bushes Devlin chops down let her think that they are just going to decay and become food for other life.
Pillnar gets a sensation that the direction they are heading is good and true. he feal that what lays up ahead is something that needs to be done.
Thelia. her sense of peace is heightened, more then just her own morals and ethic’s. best described as a “weight of peace”.
Broadrick ( sorry, haven’t came up with anything )

The Party makes it’s way into the dense vegetation til they eventually come a large steal fence, they they find a way to get in, and come to a clearing with the facade of a large manor house sticking out of the hill. After entering, they find small office’s near the entrance ( and a small supply of oil/paper/blankets in an “attic” above the entrance. Going farther they find a large area of side room’s they believe might be ‘dormitories’. ( having found desk’s, tables , bed’s ). Thelia ( because of her training ) notices that in some of the bed rooms there are letters that resemble MAGIC letters/words/symbols. But because she can’t read magic ( at this time), doesn’t know what they say. The Party now comes to the conclusion that this might have been a college of teaching apprentice wizards. ( personally, i the DM think they’ve been watching to many harry potter movies ). They press on and find what may have been a ‘cafeteria’ and kitchen. In a pantry they find a small amount of flour/salt/honey and 2 cask of wine. It looks to them that “someone” may have left this here, and planed to return here.

It’s at this time the party thinks, that if this place might have housed magic, maybe there was some kind of magic enchantment on the food items. Theilia, having the spell to detect magic ( why?) is sure she won’t detect anything (after all, there is no magic anymore right ?), but cast it any way. she is stunned when … she detects magic … but not on the food, as a strange glow over each of the party members ..

  • gonna change what happened in the game **
    while the real game night went a bit father then this ( not much ), i will have to take the time line back to this point. and it shouldn’t affect anything they learned after that point. stuff they did after that, will still be things they do and learn, and might (possibly) even be of benefit.



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