Forest Gift

Another fine meal is served by the manor host ( Alexanders parents )
During the evening the man that was rescued is still haunted by the horrible images of his captivity by the elves. Through his own agony he tries best to describe the brutal / sickening / disgusting ways the elves treated him and his companions. Alexander notes the he recognizes the man as being an elf hunter that folks have from time to time hired, but reported missing over a month ago. The man claimed he and other elf hunters were captured by elf’s about a mouth ago ( as best he can figure). While the elfs brutally and sickeningly tortured his companions to death, for some strange reason they ‘fastened’ the ‘log’ to his back and kept him alive. He doesn’t know why. Alexander and his father wonder if the Elf’s intended for humans to get this item. The party in turn wonders if this might be the “forest gift, read/red lines of life” mentioned in the Wondered prize poem. Some recall Gertzie saying that the dwarf’s called this item a Blut Schiff ,meaning ship of blood. Realizing that a ship is also called a vessel .. they create the line blood vessel .. and think blood vessel might describe a red line of life. And, since this is a ‘chamber’ for fluid and was the ‘strife’ of the man, the party is fairly certain they have one of the items they need.
They decide not to try to open the ‘Item’ yet , but Pillnar does acquire a nice drill to drill a hole in it when the time is right.

The man is to frightened to even fall asleep, but is told to stay in bed ( mostly to nurse wounds ), and folks will keep an eye on him. Sometime during Penelope‘s watch he falls into a deep and ’peaceful’ sleep. Thelia watches over him for a few hours after that, as do other members of the house. It is late morning the next day when he awakens with a case of “selective amnesia”, and nearly void of any emotion.

Because Devlin had scolded the guards the day before about not securing princess Eve, Alexanders father ( the lord of the manor and property owner for the lands around ) has a bit of a talk with him. Devlin leaves this ‘talk’ with good will between the two sides, and a letter to the king’s will note that Eve’s fighting was an asset to the skirmish.

Feeling that what they needed to do here is complete, the party decides where to go next. Realizing they need the “dust” and “lace” yet. While they don’t know about the ‘lace’ part, events lead them to believe the ‘dust’ might be Amantha’s ashes, so they decide to head back there.

Also hearing that
1) The ‘Item’ from the captive was made of the scalious wood
2) Devlins red and black sword case was made of the same wood.
3) Thelia had done research at the university and that wood would be the best type to make gotts trinken in.
4) Scalious wood was only found in the swamps east of Port Pearl.
5) Penelope’s ‘freind’ and Xou Sheg reported missing lumberjacks in that area.
The party wonders if ‘FATE’ is not trying to tell them something, and they decide they’ll look into this, after they get the ‘dust’ from Amantha’s

Timeline: About 22 weeks since this all started.



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