Earthly Dust

This week we find our group (Devlin,Penelope,Pillnar & Thelia ) on the way back to Amantha‘s to collect the ’Dust’ they believe they need.

The night before they arrive, Thelia has a dream where she is visited for the goddess of peace and asked to be a priest of her’s. Penelope is visited by Pirtanthir in a dream and shown an empty burial vault of Amantha.

( and hence my ‘Easter’ themed adventure comes up …. mah wha ha ha )

Coming into town they notice an aura of fear in the town, even the shop keeper they talk to seems to be in fear of something. They learn from him that 4 men came to town 3 days ago looking for the body of Amantha. Upon hearing this the party rushes out to the residence of Amantha. They notice a tomb/shine/mausoleum has been built over Amantha’s grave. Sure enough, like in Penelope’s dream, the tomb and casket are empty. Thelia and Pillnar get an sense that this place has been ‘desecrated’ in an evil manner .

Wondering where they might have taken the body, they step out to try some tracking, but Devlin hears some chanting coming from inside the house. As they get closer Thelia recognizes the chant and an exorcism, but the men are chanting it backwards. the party quickly decides to rush in and stop this ‘ceremony’.

In the basement the party comes upon the four men ( one of whom they may recognized as one of Pirtanthirs followers they brought back at the end of the task complete chapter. ( foolish adventurers for trying to ‘save’ him ). the men are around a large alter with a body on it ( dressed with the clothes of the long dead Amentha ). As the party attack, a group of Zombies is summoned from the earth, and the fight begins, with the monstrous “BODY” coming alive.

While the “dark & evil” forces do a great job, the party does manage to take them all down and goodness reigns.

Believing they need the ‘dust’ of Amantha, they take his body, stuff it back in the metal casket and incinerate the corpse. Collecting the ‘ashes’ in the skull of the giant they killed in the Royal Crown chapter, the group is ready to move on, thinking all they need yet is the “lace from younger serpent maid”.

Yes the game night was very short …



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