Catching up to date


I realize it might be hard to remember all the stuff going on so far, and to get a lock in as to what to do. So. let’s put the cliff notes all together in one short list .. and see whats really important.

1) It’s been about 21 week’s since the incident at the bank that started this all.

2) The party has just found out they are fated to bring together something called the artifact of magic using directions in the Wondered prize poem.

3) Alyshia is over 2000 year old walking artifact ( used to be a guy named Tandem, and oh yeah, jay was hitting on her. lol )

4) Corazon is the rightful heir to the Dodareing throne, but she might become some kind of tyrant, if magic comes back

5) There’s another land humans came from .. that’s in desperate need of magic to save itself.



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