Black Cloak Rebel

In Port Pearl they discover that the wood crafters shop exterior has this strange symbol hidden in the architecture of the window (latter they find that same architect mark on several other buildings). While at first the wood carver is friendly, he became agitated when the party brought up working for the merchants.
The wood crafter latter that day has Devlin arrested for stealing the box, but nothing came from that.
The party hears that the dwarf’s have recently came into a lot money, but with only a few questions asked at the dwarf consulate, no relevant information was found from them.
The party sent a messenger back to the Bank with word that they believe these artist with the strange marks are behind the arson and murder.(they expect word back in about 1 week).
The party broke into the wood crafters place and found a note telling about “a secret meeting” that night, along with several newly minted coin.(as gold is a soft metal, it tends to scratch rather fast once put into circulation. These had no scratches)
They stealth-fully check out the meeting that night and see many figures dressed in “black cloaks” talk about the success of the event at ‘the Bank’ and await for many other great events to come.. plus mock the merchants. But the party refrains from taking action at this point. The men at the meeting give out their name as the Black Cloak Rebellion,
While I (the DM) forget how, the wood carver was arrested on Friday. Devlin ( who had been looking for work ) is given a task to be the executioner in the arena Saturday evening.
(DM slip – judgment and sentence of this type of crime would never have been so fast in the country of Unnine )
When it comes to the execution, the gladiator is told the ‘victim’ is the wood crafter. Devlin dressed in a dark black cloak and goes by the name “the Black Cloak Rebel’. He is accosted by four brutes, but does away with them and enters back into the arena where Vlad has be trying to slay the bad wood carver but is unable to ( much to the hatred of the crowd for having him interrupt the show). Devlin comes back in style, and executes the wood carver, tries to heal him by breathing a “??” into his mouth but it’s unsuccessful. This is very great showmanship to the crowd as they’ve never seen this finishing move that later became known as “the Kiss of Death”.



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