Away We Go

Thelia, Broadrick, Pillnar, and Devlin had left one of the larger cities as guards to a merchant traveling to the Bank.(several colorful details happened, including meeting with a cook named Alyshia).
That evening the building that housed a supply of tents burnt down, along with killing a keeper inside. Heads of the merchant guilds stood up to ask for someone to track down and find those responsible. Along with Gertzie they formed up. They were also given a crest symbol of the head of the Three Brothers Merchants house. They were told is may be helpful if they need cooperation from other merchant guilds.
A disturbance from the previous day led them to believe that 4 brother who where hired guards for another merchant, were the most likely suspects. They trailed down these four to a small town a few days away., captured 3 and 1 got away. They also discovered a unique jewelry box with a small pile of coin’s all bearing the mark of the country of Unnine. Finding a hidden compartment also lead to the discovery of 3 gold bars all barring the mint mark of Unnine. Inside also was a note written to the 4 brothers thanking them for what they did, and mentioning that they may be hired again (or in those words). The note also had a strange mark/symbol on it.
Returning to “the Bank” with the 3 captured brothers, They discovered that none of the merchants recognize the strange symbol on the note. One wood merchant relays that the artist mark on the box is from a wood crafter in Port Pearl, capitol city of Unnine. The party is told to head there and track down those who paid the brothers to do this (obviously the brothers are not the masterminds in this matter).
Meanwhile, Devlin, who had been craving a new sword, came across an weapons dealer / sword maker named Clockwert who did claim to be a highly skilled sword maker. In an exchange a very fancy red and black sword was traded for the crest symbol they had been given. Clockwert did mention that he himself did not craft such a weapon, is was crafted by a master swords maker many years ago.



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