Amantha's Residence

The party travels to the town near Amantha‘s residence and talk to the locals. Not learning much, but do find out how to get to his place.
At Amantha’s they search the ground and find a small graveyard with one plot looking like it was dug resent (probably one to two weeks old) marked with a small cross and a wreath of flowers hanging on it. Along with a more noticeable larger stone grave marker that seems to be many years old, with carving that is too worn to read. Also they see several footprints of different shod and barefoot humanoid feet.
They searched the house and found that it was the basement that was the true living residence, vary ornately decorated, except for many place that seem to be destroyed by people that have smashed anything of value. The party does discover a large fireplace with many ornate figures carved into it. Notably two roses that are discovered to hide a “key/hook” that opens a secret passage hidden in the fireplace that leads back to a lab/workroom. Inside the lab they find ( among other things ) a large bottle of some strange substance with what looks like greyish opaque liquid with a reddish “embryo” floating in the middle. They believe this may be the essence but don’t what to destroy it now because it may not be the essence, plus they want to make sure proof will get back to the “blue guys”.
Searching the grounds outside the residence, Pillnar detects faint evil from under the large gravestone. They dig up that sight and uncover a steal Casket with a large A on it, that has been welded closed, after much effort to unseal it ( and an encounter with the local ‘zombie kids’) they find what they believe must be the remains of Amantha. They remove a pendent from his neck (a large black stone with a with star-shaped gem in the center ). since the pendent did not detect evil, they plan on using this as prof it was Amantha. ( later they will find that Amantha was known to have a pendant just like this ). The party dose’s the corps with holy water, and reburies it.
Believing they need more information about Amantha. The group heads to the University at West Fork.



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