The Verdict

With what they believe as only needing one more ingredient Devlin, Penelope, Pillnar, and Thelia are left needing only the “lace from younger serpent maid”. not knowing exactly where this might be they dwell for a awhile to see where ‘Fate’ might point them. Several factors indicate it might be in the swamp east of Port Pearl ( mainly that the wood used to make the swords scabbard, used in the chest the thief brothers had in Away We Go, and was discovered to be the best type of wood for making the gotts trinken containers ) and that the missing lumberjacks from Port Pearl led to some unanswered questions.

Picking up their good friend Xou Sheg who had investigated the missing lumberjacks for a bit, they head into the swamp and travel down some of the narrows swamp rivers. As one would expect, it got too strangely quiet. Then a net fell upon Pillnar and strange looking 1/2 men, 1/2 snake creatures sprung out of the water, forcing the party to drop their weapons and follow them. While there was a huge language barrier to over come, the party did find out why they were captured. It seemed that the creatures had this mysterious ‘tree’ that seemed to be dieing, and the creatures thought that humans were going to come and cure the tree ( the reason why the lumberjack went missing in the other chapters). Thelia unloaded every heal/cure spell she had which seemed to make the tree better( actually it would not get fully healed till magic returned, but the creatures were satisfied with the temporary results). Noticing a stringy moss growing on the tree, Penelope suggests that this is probably the ‘Lace’ mentioned in the poem. They ask the creatures if they might have some, and are granted to take some.

With the items gathered (lace, dust, gift & Crown ), the party heads to the White Rose barrons. ( the place they believe is “the patient wondered hall, where the prize did fall”) to complete the artifact. realizing that full moon is about a week away and it will take them that long to get there. They are met with something completely unexpected. The complex is being restored to it’s former “glory’ ( for lack of a better word ) by followers of ”/campaign/insertion/wikis/pirtanthir" class=“wiki-page-link”> Pirtanthir, and Alyshia comes running out to greet them in a very friendly manor. they are hustled to the grand conference hall, where they spot several LARGE BEINGS, and a few human sized. Devlin, Penelope, Pillnar, and Thelia recognize four of the beings as avatar of god’s that have talked to them ( the god of war, Pirtanthir, the god of balance and the god of peace ), along with recognizing Fate, Alyshia, and Cora in attendance. plus are introduced to a few others (namely the god of magic, battle and thief god.

Earthly Dust

This week we find our group (Devlin,Penelope,Pillnar & Thelia ) on the way back to Amantha‘s to collect the ’Dust’ they believe they need.

The night before they arrive, Thelia has a dream where she is visited for the goddess of peace and asked to be a priest of her’s. Penelope is visited by Pirtanthir in a dream and shown an empty burial vault of Amantha.

( and hence my ‘Easter’ themed adventure comes up …. mah wha ha ha )

Coming into town they notice an aura of fear in the town, even the shop keeper they talk to seems to be in fear of something. They learn from him that 4 men came to town 3 days ago looking for the body of Amantha. Upon hearing this the party rushes out to the residence of Amantha. They notice a tomb/shine/mausoleum has been built over Amantha’s grave. Sure enough, like in Penelope’s dream, the tomb and casket are empty. Thelia and Pillnar get an sense that this place has been ‘desecrated’ in an evil manner .

Wondering where they might have taken the body, they step out to try some tracking, but Devlin hears some chanting coming from inside the house. As they get closer Thelia recognizes the chant and an exorcism, but the men are chanting it backwards. the party quickly decides to rush in and stop this ‘ceremony’.

In the basement the party comes upon the four men ( one of whom they may recognized as one of Pirtanthirs followers they brought back at the end of the task complete chapter. ( foolish adventurers for trying to ‘save’ him ). the men are around a large alter with a body on it ( dressed with the clothes of the long dead Amentha ). As the party attack, a group of Zombies is summoned from the earth, and the fight begins, with the monstrous “BODY” coming alive.

While the “dark & evil” forces do a great job, the party does manage to take them all down and goodness reigns.

Believing they need the ‘dust’ of Amantha, they take his body, stuff it back in the metal casket and incinerate the corpse. Collecting the ‘ashes’ in the skull of the giant they killed in the Royal Crown chapter, the group is ready to move on, thinking all they need yet is the “lace from younger serpent maid”.

Yes the game night was very short …

Forest Gift

Another fine meal is served by the manor host ( Alexanders parents )
During the evening the man that was rescued is still haunted by the horrible images of his captivity by the elves. Through his own agony he tries best to describe the brutal / sickening / disgusting ways the elves treated him and his companions. Alexander notes the he recognizes the man as being an elf hunter that folks have from time to time hired, but reported missing over a month ago. The man claimed he and other elf hunters were captured by elf’s about a mouth ago ( as best he can figure). While the elfs brutally and sickeningly tortured his companions to death, for some strange reason they ‘fastened’ the ‘log’ to his back and kept him alive. He doesn’t know why. Alexander and his father wonder if the Elf’s intended for humans to get this item. The party in turn wonders if this might be the “forest gift, read/red lines of life” mentioned in the Wondered prize poem. Some recall Gertzie saying that the dwarf’s called this item a Blut Schiff ,meaning ship of blood. Realizing that a ship is also called a vessel .. they create the line blood vessel .. and think blood vessel might describe a red line of life. And, since this is a ‘chamber’ for fluid and was the ‘strife’ of the man, the party is fairly certain they have one of the items they need.
They decide not to try to open the ‘Item’ yet , but Pillnar does acquire a nice drill to drill a hole in it when the time is right.

The man is to frightened to even fall asleep, but is told to stay in bed ( mostly to nurse wounds ), and folks will keep an eye on him. Sometime during Penelope‘s watch he falls into a deep and ’peaceful’ sleep. Thelia watches over him for a few hours after that, as do other members of the house. It is late morning the next day when he awakens with a case of “selective amnesia”, and nearly void of any emotion.

Because Devlin had scolded the guards the day before about not securing princess Eve, Alexanders father ( the lord of the manor and property owner for the lands around ) has a bit of a talk with him. Devlin leaves this ‘talk’ with good will between the two sides, and a letter to the king’s will note that Eve’s fighting was an asset to the skirmish.

Feeling that what they needed to do here is complete, the party decides where to go next. Realizing they need the “dust” and “lace” yet. While they don’t know about the ‘lace’ part, events lead them to believe the ‘dust’ might be Amantha’s ashes, so they decide to head back there.

Also hearing that
1) The ‘Item’ from the captive was made of the scalious wood
2) Devlins red and black sword case was made of the same wood.
3) Thelia had done research at the university and that wood would be the best type to make gotts trinken in.
4) Scalious wood was only found in the swamps east of Port Pearl.
5) Penelope’s ‘freind’ and Xou Sheg reported missing lumberjacks in that area.
The party wonders if ‘FATE’ is not trying to tell them something, and they decide they’ll look into this, after they get the ‘dust’ from Amantha’s

Timeline: About 22 weeks since this all started.

The captive strife

Having just received an invite from Eve to visit her at the manor of her sisters future in-laws… the party heads off and arrives with out incident. ( noting of course the line in the Wondered prize poem that reads “a forest gift”, and noticing how close the manor is to the forest of Elf’s.)

After a great dinner, Devlin finds Eve alone in a “mourning room” wearing a fancy gown. He can’t help but notice that she seams out of place. She gives him her “sob story” that she feels she may never be able to be as great as her feelings tell her she will be. Her wanting to grow the Dodaring country, even having a statue and making a mark in the world, and how that will never happen unless she would become king ( or have leverage on her father & uncle ). She makes a “Proposal” to Devlin, noting that he is, at least a small bit, noble and older the Alexander ( Dawns boy-toy ). Hence she is proposing a deal to take Devlin as her husband ( when the time is suitable for a young maiden in the future of course ) so that she could change the laws and become the great warrior that’s in her heart. ( the party believes there may be some other motives also )

Through the “Proposal” Devlin notices a few things she says.
Eve said she felt " Like a prisoner in a cell ": and He remembered the line from the poem that read “in chamber still the captive strife”.
Eve said she’s always had this feeling she would become great & “go farther then any Dodaring has ever been .” To himself he chuckled when he remembered a part of the Prophecy of Erron Path mentioning the “return to the mother”, and how they ( the party adventures ) had just learned about the former land where the humans came from.

The next morning the party was invited to help Alexander and his men inspect the lands and visit with local farms as they plant crops for the year. As they visit the farms, them come across one that has been burned down, and according to Alexander, attacked by elf’s. There are many horrific scenes ( which is normal for an elf attack ), but they do find one survivor that has ‘attached to his back’ something extremely similar to the log’s used by the Equines to make their ‘earth berry’ drink, and the dwarf’s use to make Blut Schiff. The party is told to return with the man to the manor and warn those folks, while Alexander and his men go hunting the Elf’s that did this.

Back at the Manor, the house goes on alert ( with elf’s being in the area ), and not surprising ( drum roll ) the elves do attack, with a treant. After a great fight ( in which Eve did fight and slay an Elf ) the party, along with the guards, do defeat the elfin force.

Alexander and his men returned latter that day saying he also found more elf’s and killed those. Apparently the elf’s are ready for an ‘active year’. ( while not mentioned in game, a messenger would most certainly be sent to neighboring farmlands, landowners , ect .. even to the king)

Through the healing of Thelia the man is brought back to life, but is still very emotionally disturbed. The party did try to open the “log”, but the plug seemed to be stuck beyond their methods. ( the party had briefly mentioned about taking this find back to the university, but nothing had been said to either the Dodaring representatives at the manor nor Alexander and his father yet)

Catching up to date


I realize it might be hard to remember all the stuff going on so far, and to get a lock in as to what to do. So. let’s put the cliff notes all together in one short list .. and see whats really important.

1) It’s been about 21 week’s since the incident at the bank that started this all.

2) The party has just found out they are fated to bring together something called the artifact of magic using directions in the Wondered prize poem.

3) Alyshia is over 2000 year old walking artifact ( used to be a guy named Tandem, and oh yeah, jay was hitting on her. lol )

4) Corazon is the rightful heir to the Dodareing throne, but she might become some kind of tyrant, if magic comes back

5) There’s another land humans came from .. that’s in desperate need of magic to save itself.

Where at first the prize did fall

Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, Gertzie and Broadrick continue on.
We pick up going back in time a bit, and find Thelia casting her detect magic spell. As she tries to detect magic on the bone bow she was .. well over loaded with the sensation of magic and went unconscious, eventually coming around, still bind with a massive headache ( which she later cured both by using a spell ). This was more powerful magic then she had ever heard about ( the party later finds out why , as this is one of the gods artifacts. One they find out later belongs to the god of balance.

They plunge on through a massive steal gate, and into a large conference hall ( very reminiscent of the U.S. government senate house.) finding many ‘box seat’ areas with tables and chairs. In front a ‘stage’ with conference tables and a ’judge’s’ panel. In the center of the stage a large golden double ringed circle with a double pentagram, who’s lines are wide enough to have silver lettering of more magical script. The fear is that this may have been used to control summoned creature ( wow do these guys watch to much TV )

As they examine the ’ stage area ’ they hear a voice from behind. They turn to see a figure that looks alot like Dawn or the queen mother they saw in a painting at the birthday party. Instantly they guess this as the queen child ( aka baby bump ). She is a bit aggressive at first ( ok, aggressive all the way through the talk ), as she accuses the party of being wizard hunters and threatens to lock them in this place. They only get her to be ‘at her best’ when they assure her that they believe magic is not gone, and would like to see magic return. With very much anger in her eyes ( no sense motive needed ) she seems to curse all those who’s hunted the wizards, and states that when magic does return, those that have hunted wizards, “will pay dearly”. she is asked her name, and identifies herself as Corizon Yamenta

( one must note at this time that because the Dodaring brothers seamed to have killed their father, by Dodaring law she would become the next successor to the throne. but she very much seemed ‘given her state of mind’ that she would be much a tyrant who would rule very harshly on her subjects .. one is left to wonder which is better, the unlawful brothers whom folks seems to for the most part like, or the sister who would be unmerciful. )

Not fully satisfied with the party’s answers to her questions, but liking the knowledge that she may be the rightful successor to the most powerful country ( from which to make people pay ) she storms off. As she leave ( doesn’t this sound like a play ?? ) the party hears another voice from behind them, and turn to see a most beautiful woman ( that they’ve never seen before ) they seem to automatically guess that she is indeed ( drum role ) .. the goddess known as Fate. ( and yes, fate’s a B# )

Fate informs them that although Cora may have her motives ( being human and all ), Fate believes that the party should be made fully aware of what they ( they party ) are getting into. So that they may make their own decision as what to do.

She informs them about ..
the good, the bad, and the magic

other tid bits the party finds out from Fate.
1) Azure & Aura are beast known as dragon’s. The head of the University at West Fork is also one, that the party assumes must have transformed it’s shape to be in human form.
2) There is another land that Fate calls “the mother land” that the humans came from a bit over 2000 years ago. That land is in peril as evil is taking over.. with out magic to help it, it may fall to the evil. The party thinks this may be related to the Prophecy of Erron Path speaking of returning to the mother at the land.

The party is left with their “test of heart and mind”
Do they say no to magic, let hundreds of people die in the Unnine conflict and their world moves on ( with them being able to grow a large crop of brew for the dwarfs) and make sure thatCora would not be an evil ruler,
Or do they restore magic , run the risk that Corazone becomes a tyrant, and have chance at saving a land they know absolutely nothing about from evil ??
They leave the Conference of Wizards hall .. seeming to be willing to take that chance.

That night they are visited in dreams by different gods who seems to have interest in what the group is doing ( now that the party has been made aware of at least a god of fate, magic, war and balance ). They also are made aware of a god of peace, a god of thief’s, plus a ‘wanna be’ god of life/death, whom they knew as Pirtanthir, each with their own agenda.

Accepting their ( ahem,) fate.. they feel Fate will direct threw the rest of their journey, if indeed they are to restore magic. Not knowing where to turn next and letting fate happen, they travel to the Bank in hopes of catching Alyshia, but don’t find her. Then travel next to the University in hopes of gaining audience with the ‘Librarian’, to no avail after 2-3 days.

What does happen is..
One evening while in one of the local taverns, an elderly gentleman comes in, ask for Devlin and hands him a note. the note is for him ( and guest ) to come join Eve at the residence of her sisters – boyfriends – parents , manor.

home sweet home

As Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, and Gertzie leave the dwarf land and head into more human land, their trip takes them past the Bank. They decide to make a stop there because it was known to them that Alyshia was commonly seen there. ( and they had questions for her ). She is spotted playing straga. Devlin engages her in game and conversation.
Her expertise in play leads them to suspect she is no common traveler, and must have some access to that kind of noble level of play. The game goes on with her easily defeating Devlin ( too his humiliation , even tho she tried hard to ‘make a game of it’ ( by playing awful) there was no way he wasn’t going to loose based on his poor playing abilities ( yes he rolled a 1). To this, she started up a 2nd game and gave Devlin ‘signals’ by tapping his foot under the table. using this method she orchestrated a masterful game were Devlin won. a third game was called for, and high betting was wagered by the crowd. Even tho she let Devlin win, she managed to sneak a large portion of the wager into her own pockets ( one might have noticed that during the gamble she never put any money on the bet .. something I the DM failed to mention also .. but doesn’t affect the story any ), and she managed to loose the rest of the party in the crowd and got lost from sight.

Meanwhile the party hooks up with Broadrick ( who just happened to be at the bank at the time, brad wasn’t here, but i let the party use him because i knew they’d need more bodies in the upcoming encounters).

Off to the area that is said to be owned by this Barron Rosewhite. They came to a small hamlet and were taken in for the night by a kind middle aged shop keeper and his wife. They ask the shop keeper is he has heard of the Rosewhites, to which the response is no. Penelope and Gertzie help out the wife. The others help out the man, who calls his wife Tillyn. Wondering of this is the same Tillyn from Manez’s diary. They swap info with the shopkeeper, telling him about their time at the Dodareing birthday party for Bernard.
The old man ( who calls himself Bradalis Yamenta) assures them that she could not be that Tillyn because she’s lived here with him all that time.

In the morning they are served an incredible delicious breakfast. Bradalis admits that his wife is a wonderful cook (given her disfigurement). Even tho I the DM seemed to stress this more then once, the players neglect to draw a connection to another fine cook they’ve met. He ( Bradalis ) stats that he thought about it during the night, and while he’s not hear of Barron Rosewhite, there was tale his grandfather told him about a place called the ‘white rose barons’. The party listens to that tale and believe it’s an apt place they are looking for to grow those Earth berries, and manufacture the gotts trinken.

They make their way to the area ( covered by thick vegetation and brambles). one the way they all get an eerie sensation of being watched, which for at least a short time affect each a different way.
Devlin seems to get agree quick easy, and each cut from a rose tree/bush makes him curse at it and hack it down. vision of fighting in the arena, or the fight with the ogres flash in his mind.
Gertzie ( wasn’t really there .. letting players play her ), but if she was, would have a strange feeling also .. which i can’t say at this time … HA HA !!
Penelope starts to wonder about life, maybe if she died, would anyone care, maybe it would be better.. she might be better if she were not alive.. or a different life. the bushes Devlin chops down let her think that they are just going to decay and become food for other life.
Pillnar gets a sensation that the direction they are heading is good and true. he feal that what lays up ahead is something that needs to be done.
Thelia. her sense of peace is heightened, more then just her own morals and ethic’s. best described as a “weight of peace”.
Broadrick ( sorry, haven’t came up with anything )

The Party makes it’s way into the dense vegetation til they eventually come a large steal fence, they they find a way to get in, and come to a clearing with the facade of a large manor house sticking out of the hill. After entering, they find small office’s near the entrance ( and a small supply of oil/paper/blankets in an “attic” above the entrance. Going farther they find a large area of side room’s they believe might be ‘dormitories’. ( having found desk’s, tables , bed’s ). Thelia ( because of her training ) notices that in some of the bed rooms there are letters that resemble MAGIC letters/words/symbols. But because she can’t read magic ( at this time), doesn’t know what they say. The Party now comes to the conclusion that this might have been a college of teaching apprentice wizards. ( personally, i the DM think they’ve been watching to many harry potter movies ). They press on and find what may have been a ‘cafeteria’ and kitchen. In a pantry they find a small amount of flour/salt/honey and 2 cask of wine. It looks to them that “someone” may have left this here, and planed to return here.

It’s at this time the party thinks, that if this place might have housed magic, maybe there was some kind of magic enchantment on the food items. Theilia, having the spell to detect magic ( why?) is sure she won’t detect anything (after all, there is no magic anymore right ?), but cast it any way. she is stunned when … she detects magic … but not on the food, as a strange glow over each of the party members ..

  • gonna change what happened in the game **
    while the real game night went a bit father then this ( not much ), i will have to take the time line back to this point. and it shouldn’t affect anything they learned after that point. stuff they did after that, will still be things they do and learn, and might (possibly) even be of benefit.
Royal Crown

Devlin, Thelia, Penelope, Pillnar, and Gertzie head of to the dwarf festival. They learn of the past history of human and dwarfs, and that the dwarfs claim the humans were first encountered a bit over 1500 years ago. They also learn that the dwarfs had been in conflict with the elves and Ogres for many many years before that. They was also a tale of dwarfs being saved by what the party thought might be the Equines. From this the dwarfs honer the equine by drinking a drink they were given back then ( altho a horrible taste even to dwarfs ). It is now only served as an honorable tribute to the most worthy of dwarfs champions or chief. the dwarf’s call this drink ‘Blut Schiff’.

As a way to wrap up their festival of remembrance ( the Alten Zieten ) the dwarfs plan a battle with the ogres, and have a way for the humans to help out. They plan on cornering the ogres in a large cave but need the humans to cause a cave in. the party sets up, but notice some ogres are left behind in the cave, they also spot the large ogre chief ( who the dwarfs call a mountain giant ). They cause the cave in on top of the chief and battle the ogres, and the end of this battle the chief crawls out of the rubble of stones, and party ( using up the last of the cleric’s heals ) slay the giant, and remove it’s head ( believing this may be an item they need in the Wondered prize poem mentioning “ a royal crown of man twice grown “.
They leave the dwarven mountain via an ‘escape tube’ and head back to the human lands. Where they plan on traveling to the area where Barron Rosewhite is set to own ( but be a fraud according to the Bards research.)

Information gathering

After about 2 weeks, the party manages to get together in West Fork to catch up with details of what they discovered.

Penelope: found a diary from Manez, a physician to the king’s father ( 25 years ago ) which did indicate that he believed the queen was pregnant, and possibly a 3rd child was born. Also the diary does shine some suspicion that the boys may have used some poison to kill their father.

Thelia: found the best type of wood to use to in the ’gotts trinken” was from some tree in the swamp. Also the best location to grow the berries and grass was in northern Firstlund on a property owned by a Barron Rosewhite

the Bard: Found that the Rosewhite family name is a most likely a fraud. He also discovered a sheet of paper that talked about some creatures named ‘Azure’ and ‘Aura’: and a god named ‘Fate’. Plus that gods become gods by acquiring artifacts, from those creatures, and gifting them somehow.

Devlin: had a strange encounter with the “Librarian” who left him a cryptic message about the strange bow made of some kind of bone given to him from the Equine girl. He also followed up on the sword and discovered it was crafted by a grand master named Zepheria and was likely going to be a gift for the ‘now’ young prince Bernard 7 years ago. ( it certainly has the quality to be magically enchanted, and Clockwert probably saved it by not delivering to be enchanted.)

Pillnar: came back and let them know of growing problems in Port Pearl. Also that they’ve been invited to go see a function in the dwarven mountains named Alten Zieten, something akin to a memorial day. The dwarfs will be heading out in about a week ( it was highly suggested they travel with the dwarfs).

return to Port Pearl

Returning to Port Pearl, the party reconciles everything with Penelope’s noble friend ( they got paid, and told him of what was going on in Dodaring)

Xou Sheg, spots them and informs them of what he discovered in the swamp. That a camp of lumberjacks are missing , and screams were heard from by those in a camp nearby. Some lumberjacks went to investigate, but they too are missing now.
Feeling that they might go investigate this also ( to help out the noble ) they get ready to depart in the morning, when they first get word from the noble about some emergency.
They visit the noble and are told what happened with the sailors from the ship. They are told that the ships captain purchased some low grade alcohol in Dodaring and sold it to the dwarfs as ‘ gotts trinken’. The noble says the dwarfs blame him for the bad drink, and his reputation is on the line (not to mention the party’s also).. and justice should be done, so the party ( after securing a note from another ‘friend’ of Penelope, go to arrest the ship captain on the docks before he can set sail.

After a brief fight the crew is ‘dispatched’ and the captain (along with the first mate who tried to set the ship on fire), are tied up by the party and brought to the courts. The party members ( along with the noble, rep’s from the dwarfs, a few crew members, and some dock workers who saw the events) will all be interviewed by the court.
The trial won’t start for at least a week until all evidence is brought in. Since statements have been given to the court by the party members, many of them will be release from having to appear at the trial, but at least one will have to appear in the trail (being call by the prosecution as as a witness).

  1. (side note: many players have expressed interest in investigating other events that have been occurring in this adventure. Jay’s swashbuckler, Jason’s cleric, Jamie’s rouge and Eric’s bard will be heading to the University at West Fork, while Neil’s paladin stays behind ( being the symbol of justice in the party, he’ll take part in the trial)

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